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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Thyroid: Have you got thyroid problem during pregnancy? Control by keeping these things in mind

Thyroid Problem: Thyroid gland controls calorie burning i.e. our metabolic rate. The thyroid gland controls how much energy goes out of the body. But thyroid problems may increase during pregnancy. In such a situation, you can follow some tips.

Thyroid Problem: Due to problems related to poor eating habits and lifestyle, people are also facing thyroid problems. There are some people who continue to struggle with thyroid problems without even knowing it. In such a situation, awareness about thyroid is necessary. In this disease, along with weight loss, hormones also get disturbed.

According to health experts, problems of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can occur due to disturbances in the thyroid gland. Experts also say that thyroid problem during pregnancy can be a threat to the health of the woman and the child in the womb. In such a situation, women should take care of some special things.

Take care of diet

Thyroid problems can also occur due to wrong eating habits. Women who are in the pregnancy phase should take special care of their diet. Health experts say that if a woman already has the problem of hyperthyroidism then she should eat minimum salt. Eat those vegetables, which can keep thyroid under control. A woman facing the problem of hypothyroidism should eat iodine and whole grains.

do yoga daily

Yoga is helpful in controlling chronic diseases. Thyroid problems occur due to bad lifestyle. In such a situation, it can be controlled by practicing yoga. However, for this, yoga should be done only as per the advice of yoga experts.

be less stressed

Along with this, reduce stress as much as possible. The more stress you take, the more your thyroid problem may increase. Health experts also say that thyroid problems can become common during pregnancy. In such a situation, you should not panic and follow the right lifestyle routine.

get a checkup done

The cause of thyroid problem during pregnancy is hormonal imbalance. This is the reason why women may face problems at such times. If a woman is already suffering from thyroid then she should get herself checked regularly.

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