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Saturday, January 27, 2024

This is how the electric bulb has changed in 144 years, today you can switch it on-off from your phone

Edison First light bulb: The electric bulb is 144 years old today. On this day, Thomas Alva Edison patented the first electric bulb. The world of bulbs has changed a lot in 144 years. Read in detail about how much the journey of light bulbs, which started in 1880, has changed today.

Nowadays, LED bulbs have come in homes, not only this, now you can control the bulb from your phone. Smart bulbs have left the old bulbs behind somewhere. Nowadays everyone's choice is smart bulbs. The process of lighting that started with Thomas Alva Edison's light bulb has now become completely smart. Now the world of bulbs that light the house has changed. LED bulbs have entered the market with new technology. But when Thomas Alva Edison invented the filament bulb 144 years ago today. Thomas Alva Edison patented this bulb on January 27, 1880. At that time it was no less than a miracle.

bulb journey

The journey that started with filament electric bulbs has today moved to smart bulb wireless-connected bulbs (which operate on voice commands). The filament bulb was invented in 1879. These bulbs used to last for 13.5 hours. These bulbs are still used in some places today. Here we will tell you how much technology has changed in the world of bulbs. Bulbs that operate with a knock have now started working on voice commands and gestures.

normal light bulb

These are traditional bulbs that use carbon or tungsten filament. These are cheap and easily available, but their durability is a little less.

High Efficiency Light Bulb (LED)

LED bulbs are the best light bulbs in the market. They last many times longer than traditional light bulbs and use much less energy.

soft-light bulb

Soft light bulbs give normal light, that is, you can use them when you need less light, like these bulbs are used more at the time of sleeping.

smart bulb

Smart bulbs are wireless-connected bulbs that can be controlled using an app or voice commands. These can give colorful light. Not only this, they can turn off and on automatically. These last longer than normal bulbs.

The bulb made by Edison's hands is still burning today

Edison did thousands of experiments to discover the filament, so that he could get a stable filament. Most of Edison's experiments involved carbon containing filament. In 1880, Edison was granted patent number 223,898 for the electric lamp. During this time, a bulb made by Edison's hand was installed in California. According to reports, this bulb has been burning for many years.

The name of this bulb is Centennial, it was lit for the first time in 1901. At that time this bulb was of 60 watts. After this, its output kept decreasing year after year. In the year 2021, the light of this bulb was reduced to 4 watts.

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