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Sunday, January 28, 2024

These simple lemon remedies can awaken your sleeping luck.

Lemon is a great fruit for health which has many benefits. Do you know that lemon not only brightens your health but it can also brighten your sleeping luck. Let us know in detail.

Astro Tips of Lemon: Lemon is used for eating in all households. Use of lemon increases the taste of food and salad manifold. Lemon is also liked a lot for pickles. Apart from its taste, lemon is also used to cure many health problems.

But do you know that lemon kept in your kitchen can also remove many types of problems going on in your life. Some easy remedies of lemon have been mentioned in astrology, by following which you can easily overcome many problems of life. Let us know.

To open the locked locks of destiny

According to astrology, take a lemon to open the locks of luck. Now after rotating the lemon over your head 7 times, divide the lemon into two parts. Take both these pieces of lemon in both your hands. Keep the lemon in the left hand and throw it in the right direction and in the right hand throw the lemon in the left direction.

Tips for success in job

Take a lemon and insert four cloves on it. Now chant the mantra “Om Shri Hanumate Namah” 108 times. Now take this lemon with you to the job interview. It is believed that this solution helps in getting success in job.

Tips for success in business

If you too are facing loss in business or your business is not running properly then try these lemon remedies on Saturday. Take a lemon and touch it to all the walls of your office. Now cut that lemon into four pieces and throw those four pieces one by one in all four directions. With this solution you will gradually start getting success in business.

Remedy to remove Vaastu defects

Plant a lemon tree in your house to remove Vaastu defects from your house. Planting a lemon tree in the house removes all types of Vaastu defects and brings positive energy into the house.

If you cannot plant a lemon tree at home then try this remedy for lemon. Take a lemon and rotate it 7 times in all four corners of your house. Now take this lemon to a secluded place, cut it into four pieces and throw the four pieces in different directions and return home. Don't look back while returning home.

Remedy to protect from evil eye

Many people and children are easily attracted to outsiders. If any member of the house is affected by evil eye, then take a lemon and rotate it 7 times from the head to the feet of the affected member. Now cut that lemon into 4 pieces and throw those four pieces at a secluded place.

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