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Friday, January 26, 2024

These could be the reasons behind the child waking up again and again at night.

The sleep pattern of newborn children is different from that of adults. But as the child grows up. Similarly his sleep pattern starts becoming normal. But even after this, if the child cries at night, then there could be one of these reasons behind it.

The thing that troubles women the most after becoming a mother is that the baby stays awake throughout the night. Because the child's mother also has to stay awake along with him. Your baby's sleeping pattern may vary for about 6 months after birth; it may be possible that their sleeping pattern keeps changing every week. It is believed that it is normal for babies up to 6 months of age to wake up repeatedly at night. Children at this age do not sleep very well.

The sleep cycle of a child up to 6 months of age is very short. During this time, children wake up after sleeping for 30 to 50 minutes. This is quite normal. But if children's sleep is short even at the age of 1 year or they wake up repeatedly while sleeping at night, then these could be the reasons behind it.

Due to hunger

Due to not getting adequate nutrition or not filling the child's stomach properly, children may feel hungry again and again. Due to which children may wake up again and again in the middle of sleep.

Due to stomach problems

Due to stomach ache, children may have trouble sleeping or may wake up repeatedly while sleeping. Many times, due to gas formation in the child's stomach or any digestive problem, the child is not able to sleep properly.

Teething time

Children may also have trouble sleeping at night when they are teething. Because at the time of tooth extraction, the child may face problems like pain, diarrhea and fever. Due to which the child's sleep is affected.

Improper sleep pattern

Due to improper sleep patterns, that is, due to the child not having a schedule for sleeping and waking up at the same time, the child may wake up repeatedly while sleeping. Therefore, every parent must take care of their child's sleeping pattern.

Causes of silent reflux

The child may also have sleep related problems due to silent reflux. Problems like hiccups and belching in children are symptoms of silent reflux. Because of this, children may wake up repeatedly while sleeping at night. If symptoms of silent reflux appear in children, you should immediately consult a doctor.

As the child gradually grows up, the child's sleeping and waking time starts becoming normal. But if the child wakes up repeatedly at night even after turning 1 year old, then definitely pay attention to these things and pay attention to the child's sleep schedule. In case of severe problem, consult a health expert.

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