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Sunday, January 7, 2024

These 4 traditions are followed on the occasion of Lohri, know what is the religious belief

The festival of Lohri is coming soon. Some special traditions are performed on the occasion of Lohri, without which the festival of Lohri is incomplete. Do you know about these traditions, if not. So read this entire article to get detailed information…

The festival of Lohri, dedicated to farming and nature, is celebrated every year on 13 January, a day before Makar Sankranti. Though the festival of Lohri is one of the big festivals of states like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, but now it is being celebrated with great pomp in other areas of North India also. In Hindu religion, this festival, celebrated with family and close ones, is considered a symbol of happiness, prosperity and happiness. There are some special traditions of this festival without which this festival is considered incomplete.

Lohri festival is a festival related to harvest and weather. In this season, the fields of farmers in Punjab start blooming and Rabi crops are harvested. In such a situation, this festival is celebrated with great pomp to celebrate the joy of the new crop and before the preparation for the next sowing. There is cold weather at the time of Lohri, hence there is a tradition of lighting fire. Wood and cow dung cakes are used to light the fire and due to the cold weather, things made of sesame and other things are dedicated to the fire on this occasion.

These are the special traditions of Lohri

People light bonfire during Lohri festival. Then all the family members, friends and other close ones come together and circumambulate the fire and during the parikrama, things like sesame, peanuts, gajak, rewari, chivda etc. are dedicated to the fire god and later these are given to the people as prasad. is distributed.

Traditional songs are sung on the occasion of Lohri festival. People greet each other on Lohri by hugging each other. This day is more special for new daughters-in-law. These things make the festival of Lohri very special.

On Lohri festival, people get ready by wearing new clothes. People dance vigorously on the occasion of festivals. At many places even drums are seen playing. Men and women perform Bhangra together. The special culture of Punjab can be seen in these folk dances.

The story of Dulla Bhatti is definitely told on the occasion of Lohri. Dulla Bhatti is seen as a hero who opposed Muslim atrocities and saved the lives of girls from being ruined. Later those girls were married. The only purpose of this story is that like Dulla Bhatti, other people should also respect women and help them in need.

Know the meaning of the word Lohri

In the word Lohri, La means wood, Oh means Goha i.e. burning dry cakes and Di means Revdi. That is why this festival is called Lohri. After Lohri, the weather starts changing and the effect of cold gradually starts reducing. To celebrate this cold night with the family, a fire is lit with the help of wood and cow dung cakes, after which things made of sesame seeds, peanuts, maize etc. are offered in it. This festival holds very special significance in the Sikh and Punjabi communities.

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