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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

There was a tussle between Navjot Singh Sidhu and Punjab Congress, Pratap Singh Bajwa now made this allegation

In the battle of Sidhu versus all, opposition leader of Punjab Congress Pratap Singh Bajwa compared Sidhu to the disease gangrene. Through gestures he gave the advice to separate from the party. Punjab Congress in-charge Devendra Yadav also talked about taking the in-discipline of Sidhu to the high command without taking his name.

The ongoing infighting in Punjab Congress regarding Navjot Singh Sidhu has now reached the stage of infighting. Leader of Opposition in Punjab Assembly, Congress, Pratap Singh Bajwa, without taking his name, said in a veiled manner about Navjot Singh Sidhu that when there is gangrene in the thumb, the thumb is immediately amputated from the foot instead of allowing the disease to spread to the entire foot. Is stopped till.

Pratap Singh Bajwa said that to save the feet (Congress), you should cut off the thumb and the remaining four fingers have so much strength that they can make your player run in the field and even win. All this happened on Wednesday in front of Punjab Congress in-charge Devendra Yadav, who had arrived in Jalandhar, Punjab, to take a meeting of Congress leaders regarding preparations for the Lok Sabha elections.

Punjab Congress in-charge Devendra Yadav, who came to Jalandhar to attend the meeting of Congress leaders, also said that most of the workers in Punjab have complaints that action is taken only against small leaders who break discipline and not against big leaders. This does not happen in Congress. Whatever I have seen during my tour of Punjab. I will tell it exactly to the party high command. No leader has the right to break the discipline of the party. Whether that leader is big or small.

Punjab BJP leader speaks on infighting in Congress

Sunil Jakhar, who was once the Congress President and is currently the Punjab State President of BJP, has given a strong reaction to the ongoing infighting in the Punjab Congress and the statement given by opposition leader of Punjab Congress, Pratap Singh Bajwa, calling Navjot Singh Sidhu as gangrene.

Jakhar said that Bajwa Saheb probably does not know that gangrene has spread deep inside the Congress and nothing will be done by merely cutting the thumb. Congress will not get relief even from antibiotics. He should focus on saving his party and not think about Navjot Singh Sidhu.

BJP attacked Congress

He said that gangrene has affected the Congress party and not just one individual. There is gangrene in the brain of Congress. The way a national level party has surrendered to regional parties for alliance.

He said that the way Trinamool Congress and now Aam Aadmi Party have defamed the Congress, it proves that the gangrene has spread very deeply in the Congress and the party which ruled the country for so long, is being criticized by these regional parties. Having to be humiliated in front.

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