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Friday, January 26, 2024

The woman killed her boyfriend by stabbing him 108 times, this is how the punishment was waived off in the court

It is said that the law never forgives the punishment of a culprit because it has to send a message to the society by punishing someone, but many times judges give such decisions. People are surprised to know about this. A similar case has come to light from America these days.

Often the court punishes criminals so that the society can improve with the punishment of one person and no one makes the same mistake again. However, many times criminals get saved by presenting arguments before the law despite committing serious crimes. Sometimes, for some reason, it happens that despite committing a crime, the punishment is completely waived off. One such case is in discussion among the people these days, where a woman stabbed her lover 108 times and all the charges against her were proved, but despite this the court did not punish her.

This surprising case is from California, America, where Ventura County Superior completely waived the woman's punishment. Who gave a painful death to her boyfriend. In fact, in 2018, a woman named Brine killed her boyfriend Chad O'Melia by stabbing him 108 times. It is being said that she was completely under the influence of marijuana when this crime took place.

Why was this punishment waived?

The surprising thing is that when the judge first sentenced him to four years, but later he was completely forgiven. Reasoning behind this, the judge said that at the place where this incident took place, there were many medicines which could make a person go mad and something similar had happened with Brine who went completely mad after coming in contact with these medicines. Was doing any activities.

It has also been claimed in the police report that the woman was not fully conscious when this incident happened. The situation was such that he even stabbed himself in the neck. Let us tell you that despite the remission of punishment, he will have to take 100 hours of probation within a week. So that he can understand the harm that we suffer after taking marijuana.

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