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Friday, January 26, 2024

Tangerine is being sold in the market in the name of orange, this is how to identify real orange.

Tangerines and Malta both look like oranges. During winter, many fruit vendors sell tangerines in the name of oranges. But both are different fruits. Let us know how to identify orange. 

Orange Vs Kinu: Orange is one of the most popular fruits of the winter season. Oranges are harvested between January and March, hence this fruit is seen more in the market during winter. But during the cold season, along with oranges, other fruits similar to it are available. Like tangerines and malta. Both these fruits look exactly like oranges. The color of both is orange. They are so similar that many people even consider tangerines and Malta to be oranges. But in reality these three fruits are different.

There is a difference in price

Whenever a customer goes to a fruit shop, he first asks for its price. Now it is obvious that when an orange sold for Rs 100 per kg is available for Rs 100 for two and a half kg, the customer will happily buy it without even thinking. Would like. Even if a customer expresses his desire to know, the fruit seller will not want to tell. In such a situation, let us know today how we can identify oranges.

We have talked to a fruit shopkeeper to identify orange and tangerine. He told that orange is very different from tangerine and Malta. Orange is round in shape as well as long, both these fruits are round. As soon as the peel of the orange is removed, it becomes completely clean and the orange colored orange slice inside becomes clearly visible. But when the peel of tangerine and Malta is removed, a fiber remains on the inner cleft. That's why both these fruits look white even after removing the peel. 

There is a difference in taste also.

There is a difference in taste of these three fruits. Orange is sweet whereas Malta and tangerine are sweet in taste as well as bitter and sour. Apart from all these, the biggest thing is that the price of orange is high, whereas tangerine is available cheaper in the market.

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