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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Straws made of paper are also a threat to health and environment! Know what the research says

You might have also used straw made of paper, because it is considered a better option than plastic, but is it really not harmful for the environment and health? A new information has come to light in a research conducted in this regard. So let us know what the research says.

Plastic has emerged as a major threat to the environment and that is why a campaign has been launched around the world including India, so that people can be made aware of its harms and not to use it. Plastic is causing great harm not only to the soil but also to the water and mountains. According to a report published in The Science Journal, by the year 2040, approximately 1.3 billion tons of plastic waste will be accumulated worldwide. Single use plastics like glasses, plates, drinking straws etc. are even more of a concern.

Today humans have become very dependent on plastic and plastic is piling up. At present, continuous efforts are being made to find many solutions to this problem. Talking about single use plastic, the number of people using drinking straws is also very high. Nowadays, eco-friendly straws ranging from glass to metal and paper etc. are being used, but are paper straws really harmful for the environment and health?

What does research on paper straw say?

Recently, researchers at the University of Antwerp in Belgium have conducted a study on paper straw, in which it was found that it contains polyfluoro alkyl substances (PFAS) in much higher quantities than plastic.

What is Polyfluoro Alkyl?

Polyfluoro Alkyl (PFAS), which is also called forever chemical, means it is a substance which persists for a long time even in rain and soil. According to researchers, along with paper, straw made from bamboo also contains high amount of polyfluoro alkyl. Therefore, it cannot be considered a better option than plastic.

Harm to health as well as environment

PFAS i.e. Polyfluoro Alkyl can remain present in the environment for decades and also contaminates water. At the same time, this substance is also harmful for human health and can cause many health problems.

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