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Friday, January 12, 2024

Stomach pain occurs even without periods, this could be the reason, know

Pain during periods is common, but pain in the stomach without periods indicates many diseases. Let us know what is the real reason?

During periods, women or girls experience mild pain or cramps in the lower abdomen, which is colloquially called period cramps. But sometimes it happens that women feel such pain even without periods. Do it. This means that even if you are not on your periods, the pain is troubling you. Today in this article we will give suggestions from some health experts through which we will try to know why this happens?

Stomach pain without periods can be due to these reasons

urinary tract infection

Stomach pain can also occur due to UTI. 

ectopic pregnancy 

Even during such pregnancy, stomach cramps or pain may occur. 

hormonal changes

Stomach cramps can also occur due to hormonal changes. Because of this, weight gain and loss is also normal. 

ovarian cyst

Stomach cramps and pain also occur due to ovarian cyst. 

tumor in uterus

In case of tumor in the uterus, tumor also starts forming. 

If you have pain without periods, do this first thing

drink lukewarm water

If you are having stomach pain without periods, then take a bath with lukewarm water or apply a heating pad.

drink hot things

Relax the uterine muscles and in such cases drink warm things.

do the exercise

Walk for some time. Do light exercise, this will relieve the pain and give you relief. 

eat hot food

Walk for some time and eat only hot home-cooked food.

When such things happen, you can use home remedies, but if the pain increases then going to the doctor is the best option. Therefore, before taking any medicine, consult a doctor once. 

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