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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Should women really not wash hair during periods?

There are many popular beliefs regarding menstruation in women, but no one knows what is the basis behind them, one such belief is that hair should not be washed during periods. But how much truth is there in this? Let us know from the experts.

Many old beliefs are prevalent in our country, no one knows whether there is any real fact behind them or not. Many such beliefs are related to menstruation in women. It has been believed since ancient times that women should not wash their hair during periods, and it is also believed that if a woman does so, she may face infertility problems in the future. So let us know whether there is really any truth in this belief or not.

What is full recognition?

Even today, the old women of our house i.e. our grandmothers believe that during periods we should not wash our hair, should not go to the temple, should not touch pickles, should not enter the kitchen. But no one knows what are the facts behind them.

What do experts say

Senior gynecologist Dr. Nupur Gupta says that it is a complete myth that we cannot wash our hair during periods, there is no scientific data behind this belief. A woman can wash her hair on any day of her period as per her convenience. Be it the first day or the last day of the period. Also, many women do not bathe during periods, but during periods they should take full care of their cleanliness and hygiene. Also, washing hair has nothing to do with infertility.

Why would these beliefs have persisted?

If seen in today's times, there is no basis for these beliefs, however, in the olden times where women had to go to the river bank in the open to take bath, it is possible that these beliefs might have been born because rivers and ponds have always been considered sacred in our country. It is considered revered, hence bathing in river ponds would be prohibited during this period. But in today's times when we all take bath in our homes, there is no basis for such beliefs. However, it would be better to use hot water while bathing during periods because during this time the body temperature also remains hot and bathing with hot water will make you feel a little better and will also provide relief in pain.

Therefore, remove this myth from your heart that you cannot wash your hair during periods, you can wash your hair anytime as per your convenience.

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