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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Should diabetics drink orange juice or not? Know from experts

Diabetes patients are advised to take special care of their diet in lifestyle. Consuming orange is considered beneficial in winter, but the question remains among diabetic people whether they should drink its juice or not. Know the correct answer from the expert...

If someone gets diabetes, it is not easy to eradicate it. There are many reasons behind the occurrence of this blood sugar disease, the most important of which is impaired lifestyle. Habits like busy life, wrong eating habits and being under stress make one a victim of diabetes. According to reports, in most cases diabetes is detected very late. About 90 percent of people do not know that they are in the grip of a serious disease like diabetes.

Diabetic patients are advised to take special care of their diet. However, there is confusion among people whether they should drink juice of healthy fruits like orange during winter or not. In this article we are going to tell you whether diabetic patients should drink orange juice or not.

Benefits of orange

Just as one waits for summer for mangoes, similarly orange lovers eagerly wait for winter. Orange is considered a storehouse of nutrients. It contains Vitamin C, the most important nutrient for our body. Vitamin C is very beneficial for skin, health and hair. Consuming oranges in winter keeps our immune system strong. In this way you are saved from the havoc of cold, cough or cold. But the question is whether diabetes patients should consume it or not.

What do experts say

Dr. Swapnil Jain, an endocrinologist in Delhi, says that one should avoid drinking orange juice in winter. As far as diabetic patients are concerned, this juice does not harm them because it has a very low glycemic index. Due to this, the sugar level does not increase, however, you should still consume it only on the advice of the doctor. Drinking fruit juice worsens the glucose level in the body, which affects the sugar level in the blood. Experts say that instead of drinking orange juice, it is more beneficial to eat it directly. Eating directly provides fiber and keeps the stomach healthy.

Benefits of eating orange directly

Health experts say that eating it directly instead of orange juice increases fiber intake. Consuming the right amount of fiber improves our metabolism and helps you in weight loss. The benefit of maintaining good metabolic rate is also visible on the skin. Therefore, instead of juicing fruits like orange, it is more beneficial to eat them directly.

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