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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Sapna Chaudhary Dance: Sapna Chaudhary showed her killer dance, old people danced

Sapna Chaudhary Viral Dance Video: Sapna Chaudhary, who is known as the pride of Haryana, is called the queen of social media. People keep sitting with their eyelids closed waiting for their new song to arrive.

Meanwhile, one of their song videos is trending a lot on YouTube (Sapna Viral Song). Which is quite old, but in the video the desi queen is seen having a blast.

Actually, this video uploaded on YouTube three days ago has become the life of the internet. Where Sapna Choudhary is seen performing brilliantly on stage wearing a sky blue salwar suit.

In this video going viral, Sapna is seen flaunting her style in a village in Haryana. This video is of 8 minutes, from the beginning till the end Sapna is entertaining people with her dance.

This old dance video of Sapna may be from 2016. In which the dancing queen is seen dancing in a killer style on 'Main Teri Nachai Nachu Su'. But even today this video looks brand new and fresh.

The lyrics of this song have been written by Ram Mehar Mehla and its music has been given by RK Crew. As soon as the song plays on the stage, Sapan Chaudhary starts dancing with full energy.

What to say about his facial expression! Till now this dance video has received a lot of likes and views. People are going out of control after seeing their work.

However, many such dance videos are old which are still going viral on social media. Some people also follow him a lot on Instagram and keep an eye on his every thing.

Not only this, Sapna Chaudhary also keeps doing something entertaining every day to keep her fans happy. Because of this, people shower a lot of love on the desi queen.

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