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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Rs 9 share did wonders, Rs 1 lakh made Rs 15.43 lakh in 292 days

Penny Stock Scenic Exports shares have given excellent returns to its investors in the last 1 year. The stock has reached its new record level of Rs 150.65 currently from Rs 12.35 in January 2023. Due to which the company has given a huge return of 1120 percent to the investors during this period.

The year 2023 has been very good for penny stocks. There are some penny stocks whose momentum has not slowed down even in the year 2024. One such penny stock is Scenic Exports. Which has given excellent returns in the last one year. But today we will talk about the performance of this stock in the last 10 months. At that time the share of the company was not even Rs 10, which has currently crossed Rs 150. This means that the company has given a return of 1444 percent to the investors in less than 10 months i.e. 292 days. This means that investors' Rs 1 lakh has become Rs 15.43 lakh during this period. Let us also give you detailed information about this stock.

How were the returns in the last 6 months?

The stock reached its record high of Rs 150.65 in special session on Saturday, January 20, 2024. On April 2023, the company's shares had reached a 52-week low of Rs 9.76. This means that during this period the company's shares have given a return of 1444 percent. The special thing is that so far in the month of January, the stock has increased by 34 percent, which is the increase in profit for the sixth consecutive month since August 2023. Between August 2023 and January 2024 (to date), the stock has increased by approximately 1,174.53 percent.

How were the returns in 2023?

In 2023, the stock has given positive returns in seven months and negative returns in five months.

The company saw the highest increase of 103.5 percent in the month of September 2023.

After that, in November it has seen a return of 51 percent, while in December it has given a return of 48.4 percent.

It jumped 47.4 percent in October, nearly 35 percent in August, 15.6 percent in May and more than 10 percent in April.

In the month of January 2023, the company's shares witnessed the biggest decline and there was a loss of 40 percent.

After that, there was a decline of 14 percent in February, 3.4 percent in March and 6.7 percent in July.

How were the quarterly results?

However, the company's quarters have been quite good. In the December quarter results, the company earned Rs 1.09 crore, whereas in the same quarter last year it was Rs 21 lakh. Meanwhile, its total income has increased by 22 percent to Rs 77. Which was Rs 63 lakh in the same quarter of last year.

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