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Monday, January 8, 2024

Romance Video: Pawan forcibly romanced Shilpi Raj by locking her in the room, Video Viral

Romance Video: The romantic video of Bhojpuri cinema's beautiful actress Shilpi Raj and superstar Pawan Singh is wreaking havoc on the hearts of millions of people. Awesome videos of Shilpi Raj on a song keep appearing on the internet every day.

There is good news for the audience waiting for Pawan Singh's new song. His new song 'Kamariya Patre Patre' has been released. 

As soon as it was released, this song became popular everywhere. People are showering love on this song. In such a situation, if you have not heard this song of Powerstar yet, then listen to it. 

But keep one thing in mind, if you have never danced then watch the video of this song alone because you will not be able to stop yourself from dancing as soon as you hear and see it.

Shadow song everywhere as soon as it is released

The video of 'Kamariya Patre Patre' has made a place in the hearts of the audience since its release. This song has been sung by Pawan Singh along with famous Bhojpuri female singer Shilpi Raj. 

This song sounds amazing in both their voices. This is the reason why this song became popular everywhere as soon as it was released.

Fans are impressed by Divya's style

Before this, recently the song 'Pudina 2.0' sung by both of them was released. Divya Rahlan is seen with Pawan Singh in the video of Pawan Singh and Shilpi Raj's latest song 'Kamariya Patre Patre'. 

The actress's style has raised the temperature on YouTube. The chemistry of Pawan Singh and Divya in this video is amazing.

The song is written by Roshan Singh

This song 'Kamariya Patre Patre' starring Pawan Singh, Shilpi Raj and Divya Rahlan has been written by Roshan Singh Vyas and its music has been given by Priyanshu Singh. 

Hrithik Singh has contributed in making this video. This video has been choreographed by Abhijit Banerjee and directed by Venkat Mahesh. Whereas its producer is Kumar Sonu Yadav and it is produced by Mithun Madhukar.

Song released on this YouTube channel

The video of the song can be seen on the YouTube channel of Gannayak Films. Like every time, this time too Pawan Singh's song has become popular as soon as it is released.

Shortly after its release, the video of the song 'Kamariya Patre Patre Song Video' has received millions of views.

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