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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Replace carpet not only when it becomes old, but also when these signs appear.

Many people use carpets to avoid cold floors in winter and to make the house beautiful. But they keep using the same carpet continuously. In such a situation, you should replace the carpet if you see these signs.

We all do cleaning and various decorations to make our house beautiful. In such a situation, many people spread carpets on the floor, which not only looks good but can also protect us from cold floors in the winter season. These are easily available in the market in different designs and styles. But as beautiful as they look, attention should also be paid to their cleanliness.

Often when the carpet gets dirty, we wash it at home and then use it again. But after a time it is necessary to change it. In such a situation, when the carpet gets damaged or torn, it should be removed. Also, if these signs appear, you should change it.

when older

When carpets are properly maintained, they can comfortably last for up to 10 years. But after this we should change it. After being used for so long they become very old and outdated.

bad smell even after cleaning

When the carpet becomes dirty, we wash it, but even after this, if the smell does not go away from it, then it is better to replace it.

when it starts to sting

Constantly washing the carpet can also cause moisture to get released from it, and when it becomes too old, it starts losing its softness and it starts stinging the feet. In such a situation, understand that now it is time to remove it and get a new carpet.

when it is not clear

The carpet laid in the house clearly looks good. In such a situation, if the dirt stuck on it is not coming out even after washing and cleaning it, then you should buy a new carpet.

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