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Thursday, January 18, 2024

'Ram' will now come to work for big companies, Coca-Cola-Hajmola, Ambani-Adani all reached Ayodhya Dham

From politics to business, at present every section of the country has turned towards Ayodhya Dham in Uttar Pradesh. Lord Ramlala's life consecration is to take place at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple on 22nd January and no one wants to shy away from capitalizing on this opportunity.

'Lord Ram' will soon be useful to big companies of the country also. The reason for this is the inauguration of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh on 22 January. After the opening of 'Ram Mandir' in this town with a population of only 3.5 lakh, a large number of about 10 lakh pilgrims are set to reach Ayodhya. In such a situation, business groups are also seeing big business opportunities here.

An international airport has opened in Ayodhya. The government has also started premium train service like 'Vande Bharat' for Ayodhya. In such a situation, consumer product companies from Coca-Cola to Bisleri, Hajmola to Parle and Ambani-Adani do not want to leave any chance for their visibility.

Hajmola will be distributed for free

Dabur Group has adopted a unique strategy to promote its popular brand 'Hajmola'. Hajmola will be distributed free of cost along with food and bhandara available at various places to the guests coming for the Pran Pratistha ceremony on 22 December 2024. Apart from this, the company is building an experience center in Tulsi Udyan, Ayodhya, where people will be able to try other products of Dabur like oil, herbal tea, real juice etc.

Not only this, Dabur has also tied up with the dhabas on the highway coming from Lucknow, Varanasi and Gorakhpur to Ayodhya. The company is giving new branding to their shelves as well as new billboards.

CocaCola launches 'Temple Theme'

CocaCola has launched 'Mandir Theme' to increase its visibility. Till now the company has always used 'red' color in its branding, but now the company has launched branding in brown theme instead. Not only this, the company has installed more than 50 vending machines on the roads leading to 'Ram Mandir', while talks are going on to install 50 more vending machines in Ayodhya. According to the news of ET, the company has also launched new billboards and coolers in the shops of Ayodhya.

Adani-Ambani also entered the market

In this matter, Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Consumer Products Limited and Gautam Adani's 'Fortune' brand have also geared up. Reliance Industries has aggressively marketed its 'CampaCola' brand in the areas of Ayodhya, while the company is also promoting the 'Independence' brand.

At the same time, Adani Wilmar is emphasizing on increasing the visibility of its 'Fortune' brand products. Whereas the company is also promoting its products on the pretext of samples of 'Mahabhog' of Ram Temple. ITC is promoting its 'Mangaldeep' incense stick brand in Ayodhya.

From hoardings, kiosks to changing rooms

Companies did not just put up hoardings in Ayodhya for branding. In fact, they have also set up their kiosks at many places. Apart from this, many companies have built changing rooms on the banks of Saryu, on which they have put their branding. Many brands like Bisleri, Parle, Emami have reached Ayodhya.

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