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Saturday, January 13, 2024

'Ram temple will be built within 10 years', this Baba had predicted in 2015 itself

Saint Atmanand Das, who is also known as Nepali Baba by his disciples, who is preparing for the grand Mahayagya on the banks of Saryu in Ayodhya, has claimed that he had predicted in 2015 itself that Ram temple would be built within 10 years.

Preparations for a huge Mahayagya on the banks of river Saryu before the consecration of Lord Ram in Ayodhya have become the center of attraction these days. Here 1008 Yagya Shalas are being built using bamboo and straw. Among these, the main Yagyashala has been made 11 storeyed. It is being told that during the Pran Pratishtha program of Ram Lalla, the Yagya will continue here and 21000 people will chant the mantra together and offer oblations.

Saint Atmanand Das Mahatyagi, the organizer of this grand Mahayagya, told that 21 thousand of his disciples are coming from Nepal to participate in this grand event. Chanting of Ram's name and Rudrabhishek will also continue during the Yagya. For this, grand preparations are being made by his disciples. Let us tell you that Saint Atmanand Das Mahatyagi is also known by his disciple Nepali Baba.

already predicted

Nepali Baba claimed during the discussion that in 2015 itself, he had predicted that Ram temple would be built within 10 years. He said that he had made this prediction in front of Ashok Singhal and the saints only. At present, he told about the program that his grand Mahayagya will be organized from January 17 in which lakhs of devotees will participate. Not only from Nepal but his devotees from every corner of the country will reach the banks of Saryu and participate in this event.

Will wait for 22nd

Nepali Baba has said that his event will continue till the consecration of Ram Lalla. Only after this his disciples will enter the city of Ayodhya and go to see Ram Lala. He has made it completely clear that none of his disciples will enter Ayodhya before Pran Pratistha.

Tents are made for people to stay

A tent city has been built here on 100 acres for people to stay. Arrangements for food for 50 thousand people have been made by Nepali Baba's Ashram. 1008 small Yagyashalas have been made from bamboo and straw in which separate Havan Kunds have been made and Shivlinga will be installed. 100 Brahmins are arriving from Ujjain for the rituals. Here the chanting of Ram's name will start from January 14 itself. Mahayagya will start from January 17 in which record devotees will reach. Baba claims that by January 25, one lakh devotees will reach his huge hut.

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