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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Process of Ram Lalla Darshan: How to have darshan of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya, know the complete process

Before coming to Ayodhya, you must make arrangements to stay here. If you are thinking that you will get the booking done by going to Ayodhya, then this is your misunderstanding. Before going anywhere, first gather information about that place. Here we are telling you some things related to the darshan of Ram Lala in Ayodhya which can make your darshan successful and easy.

Ramlala's life will be consecrated in Ayodhya on 22 January. On this auspicious occasion, people from all over the country and abroad are planning to come to Ayodhya. But before coming here, gather information about the darshan of Ram Lala and the rules for visiting Ayodhya so that you do not have to face any inconvenience later.

Before planning to come to Ayodhya, book tickets and accommodation arrangements in advance. If you are coming to Ayodhya thinking that you will get the booking done after coming here, then this is a big misunderstanding on your part. Those who think like this will only face disappointment. In fact, even before the consecration of the Ram temple, many devotees have already started coming here to worship with saffron colored flags and saffron colored clothes. Now let's talk about Ram Temple, there are gates on both sides of Ram Temple which have been named Singh Dwar.

After winning the title shoot in the year 2019, the construction of a grand temple was started at Ram Janmabhoomi. In which the Trust took the entire 67 acres of land by purchasing the surrounding land, after which 2-3 acres of land came in the Ram Mandir part and the work of building a grand Ram Temple in this part was started. Red stones have been laid and pillars have also been built where devotees will stand in queues for the darshan of Ram Lala. If you look on the right side of Ram temple, you will get darshan of Hanuman Garhi which is an ancient temple of Ayodhya. Along with this, many posh houses are also built around the Ram temple. There is a Sugriva Fort here which has a very interesting story. It is said that this Sugriva Fort was built by his brother King Bharat when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after winning the war with Ravana. Even today, Sugriva ji is worshiped in this Sugriva fort and offerings are also made to him.

How was darshan done earlier?

Since 1992, an idol of the child form of Lord Ram (Ram Lala) was kept in a tent, which people used to come to see from far away places. From 1992 to 2020, devotees used to enter the queue for the darshan of Ram Lala through Hanuman Garhi. Earlier, there used to be a yellow tent over Ram Lala which used to protect Ram Lala from sun, rain and every other weather.

How will darshan happen now?

Earlier people used to enter through Hanuman Garhi and have darshan of Ram Lala through Amava temple. But now they queue up to have darshan of Ram Lalla via the straight route. These rules for darshan will be changed after January 22, so if you are going to have darshan after this, then know the rules carefully again. Devotees who go for darshan get a packet of cardamom seeds as Prasad, which you can take from inside the temple and also distribute it among your loved ones. Till now, this is the system of distribution of Prasad and it is being estimated that this system will continue in future also. For the safety of the belongings of the people coming for darshan, Amanati Room B has been created, which is also called cloakroom in common language. In which you can keep your mobile, watch and valuables. It is prohibited to enter the Ram temple with any digital items.

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