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Monday, January 22, 2024

Petticoat Hacks: If you want to look different in saree, then customize your petticoat like this.

If you also want to give a different look to the saree, then this time try experimenting with petticoat instead of blouse. Read this article to know how you can customize the petticoat according to the saree. 

For us Indian women, the best option for traditional and ethnic outfits is saree. This is not the case today but for centuries. However, now with time many changes are being seen in saree. Not only are new experiments being done with the pattern, design and fabric of the saree, but now the saree is also being draped in different styles. In such a situation, not only the saree has changed, but along with the saree, many new experiments are also being seen in blouses and petticoats. We have already talked about the designs and patterns of sarees and blouses many times. Today we will talk about new style petticoat designs, which you can customize according to your saree. 

Let us tell you that now petticoats are no longer just for holding the saree around the waist, but now the time has come to flaunt the petticoat. That's why petticoats no longer look ordinary, you will get to see a lot of new things in their design too. So today we will show you some different types of petticoat designs, which you can also customize with your saree.  

saree lehenga 

There was a time when lehenga sarees were widely sold in the market, but now the fashion of lehenga sarees has become old and the saree itself is draped in such a way that it looks like a lehenga. If you are also draping the saree in this way, then you will need a flared petticoat like a lehenga. Nowadays, you will get such petticoats in fancy fabric in the market, otherwise you can also get such petticoats made by choosing the fabric yourself. You can make it frilled or you can wear the saree in the style of lehenga over a budded petticoat. When you make pleats of the saree and tuck it in half on this type of petticoat, it looks like a flared lehenga. 

net saree 

If you are carrying a net saree then you can wear a designer pettecoat made of brocade fabric with it. If you are not able to find such petticoats in the market, then you can make them yourself by purchasing fabric. Let us tell you that you will find many designer brocade fabrics in the market. You should also get the blouse made from the same fabric from which you are making the petticoat. Now if you wear a simple sea net saree with this type of petticoat, it will look very beautiful and designer. Yes, making this type of petticoat may cost you a bit, but it will give you a completely different saree look. 

organza saree 

Organza sarees are also very much in trend these days and with this type of saree, instead of wearing a simple cotton petticoat, you can get a satin petticoat made and wear it. Not only this, you can also carry petticoat made of designer raw silk fabric with this type of saree. This will give you a very nice saree look. But you have to drape the saree very well because organza slips a little and if you wear a silk or satin petticoat with it, then when the two smooth fabrics rub against each other, they slip. Therefore, pin up the saree properly. 

chiffon saree 

Along with chiffon saree, you can get petticoat made of designer and printed cotton fabric. You will also get such petticoats in the market, but you can also get them made from a good tailor master by choosing the print according to your saree. Let us tell you that if you wear this type of petticoat only with a plain chiffon saree, then the look looks very good. You can also carry the saree with this type of petticoat by making it a flared skirt. With this, you can choose the same fabric for the matching blouse or top from which you have made the petticoat. 

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