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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Pakistan shaken by Iran's airstrike, how much destruction was caused?

Iran has put the world in tension by carrying out air strikes in Pakistan. The attack took place on the bases of terrorist organization Jaish al-Adal. Attacked with missiles and drones. Pakistan is enraged after Iran's attack and said that this is not a sign of a good neighbour.

On one hand, a fierce war is going on on two big fronts of the world. The threat of world war is constantly looming, but meanwhile an action by Iran has increased the tension. Iran has launched a massive attack in Pakistan. Iran has targeted the bases of terrorist organization Jaish al-Adal with missiles and drones. Iran's attack has caused massive devastation. Pakistan is enraged by Iran's attack and has threatened.

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the air space violation. The ministry has said that unilateral action is not a sign of a good neighbor. Jaish Al Adal has also said that the attack was carried out by several missiles. The Foreign Ministry has also summoned an Iranian official.

How much devastation occurred in Pakistan?

Iran's airstrike has caused massive destruction in Pakistan. Pakistan claims that 2 children have died in the attack. 6 people have been injured. The death toll may increase. Apart from this, two houses have also been destroyed. A video of the devastation after Iran's attack has surfaced, in which many residential houses have been turned into ruins. The video has been released by Jaish Al Adal.

The place where Iran attacked is the green area of ​​Panjgur. This is the place which was the strong base of Jaish Al Adal, which was destroyed by Iran in a swift attack. A large number of Jaish al-Adl terrorists were hiding here. They used to carry out terrorist activities from here. This was one of the strongest bases of Jaish al-Adl.

After all, why did Iran take such a big step…

Iran has taken revenge for the attack carried out by Jaish al-Adl. In December, Jaish al-Adl had carried out a major attack in Iran. 11 Iranian policemen were killed in the attack. Iran suffered huge losses in the attack by Jaish al-Adl. Jaish al-Adal has been continuously attacking the border of Iran.

Who is Jaish Al Adal?

This is a Sunni terrorist organization, which was formed in 2012. Jaish al-Adal carries out terrorist activities on the Pakistan border. It has been continuously carrying out attacks inside Iran. Iranian border police have been kidnapped several times.

Pak PM had no idea

Iran attacked Pakistan when Pakistan's caretaker Prime Minister was meeting the Iranian Foreign Minister in Switzerland. The Pakistani PM did not even realize that Iran had conducted a surgical strike on Pakistan.

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