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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

On the day of Pran Pratistha, business worth Rs 1.25 lakh crore was done in the country, these goods were sold heavily

On the day of Pran Pratishtha, crores of Shri Ram Mandir models, garlands, pendants, bangles, bindis, bracelets, Ram flag, Ram patkas, Ram caps, Ram paintings, Ram Darbar pictures, Shri Ram Mandir pictures etc. are seen across the country. There was also tremendous sales. In Uttar Pradesh alone, a business worth Rs 40 thousand crores was done in a day.

A new chapter of Sanatan Economy is strongly linked to the consecration of the Ram Temple in the country's economy and there is great potential for its rapid expansion across the country. Confederation of All India Traders, an organization of the country's businessmen, said that according to a rough estimate, a huge business of about Rs 1.25 lakh crore was generated in the country due to Shri Ram Temple. In this, trade through goods and services was about Rs 25 thousand crore in Delhi alone and about Rs 40 thousand crore in Uttar Pradesh.

CAT National President BC Bhartia and Praveen Khandelwal said that this was the first time in the country that due to faith and devotion, such a huge amount of money came into the country's markets through business and the special thing is that all this business was done by small traders and small entrepreneurs. Due to which this money will increase economic liquidity in business.

mass employment

According to CAT, due to Shri Ram Temple, there have been many new business opportunities in the country and people will also get employment on a large scale. Now the time has come when entrepreneurs and startups should try to add new dimensions to their business. CAT is going to organize a seminar on this topic soon in New Delhi. Under CAT's Har Shahar Ayodhya-Har Ghar Ayodhya national campaign, from January 1 to January 22, more than 30 thousand small and big business organizations of the country organized more than 1.5 lakh programs across the country. In which more than one lakh events were organized on 22 January alone.

They were sold heavily

Bhartia and Khandelwal said that across the country, there are crores of models of Shri Ram Mandir, garlands, pendants, bangles, bindis, bangles, Ram flag, Ram patka, Ram topi, Ram paintings, pictures of Ram Darbar, pictures of Shri Ram Mandir. There was tremendous sale of pictures etc. Pandits and Brahmins also gained income on a large scale across the country. Crores of kilos of sweets and dry fruits were sold as Prasad. All this was done by people immersed in the ocean of faith and devotion and such a scene was never seen before across the country. Crackers worth crores of rupees, earthen lamps, lamps made of brass and other items were also sold in abundance across the country. He said that in the coming times, there is a big possibility that people will give Shri Ram temple as a gift. Giving Shri Ram temple as gift to guests at weddings has already started.

Ram Pheri in 5 thousand markets

Among these programs, mainly about 2 thousand processions, Shri Ram Pheri in more than 5 thousand markets, more than 1000 Shri Ram Samvad programs, more than 2500 musical Shri Ram Bhajan and Shri Ram Geet programs were organized, while on 22 January, across the country, In 2017, more than 15 thousand LED screens were installed in the markets by merchant organizations and programs of Sunderkand, Hanuman Chalisa, Akhand Ramayan and Akhand Deepak were organized at more than 50 thousand places, while more than 40 thousand Bhandaras were organized by traders across the country.

Faith of 9 crore businessmen

To express the faith and belief of more than 9 crore businessmen of the country towards Shri Ram, CAT in collaboration with Sunshine Foundation has created a very melodious song 'Ram baje in every instrument - Ayodhya is decorated in every house, this resolution has to be raised - Shri Ram' Also released Ghar Ghar Lana Hai.

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