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Friday, January 19, 2024

Nothing is secret when you search in incognito mode on Chrome! Google secretly changed its policy

Incognito of Google Chrome which is considered completely safe, now its browsing history can also be tracked. Recently, Google has informed about who can track your browsing in incognito mode.

Chrome Incognito Mode: If you often use Google Chrome's incognito mode to search anything and think that your privacy is completely safe while searching here, then you are thinking wrong, because recently Google has secretly The policy has been changed and searching in incognito mode is no longer safe at all.

Till now, no one could see the data by searching in Google Chrome's incognito mode, but now this will not happen. A lawsuit was filed against Google for this in 2020, after which Google had to change its policy.

The truth about Google Chrome incognito mode

According to the report of The Verge, if the new version 122.0.6251.0 of Google Chrome is opened in incognito mode, then users will see a new warning. In which it will be clearly written that Google does not save your browsing history. Also, this warning will further explain that your employer, school, office and internet service provider can track your activity while browsing in incognito mode.

This new warning and changed policy of Google has made it clear that whatever you are searching in Chrome's incognito mode is not completely secret. It is secret only to the person who uses your device. Apart from that, people from your school to office can also see your secret activities.

Why did Google change its policy?

Google was sued by a user in 2020, alleging that Google tracks users' real-time data and keeps it safe. At first Google rejected these allegations and said that Incognito mode is completely safe, but later Google accepted its mistake and admitted who can keep an eye on the activities of Incognito mode. After settling this case, Google has quietly changed its policy.

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