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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Negative comments made on Facebook, angry person files case against 27 women, demands Rs 623 crore compensation

An American resident named Nico D'Ambrosio has filed a lawsuit against 27 women for 75 million dollars i.e. about 623 crores and has claimed that they had made negative posts and comments against him on the Facebook dating group. Those women have also described the man as 'clingy'.

People often post different types of posts on social media. Someone is seen praising someone and someone is seen criticizing someone. Now it is usually seen that people ignore their evil deeds or confront the person on social media who has written bad about them, but rarely have you ever seen such a case. You must have heard that someone files a case against someone regarding this matter. Nowadays, one such case is much discussed, which has surprised people and also forced them to think.

The matter is from Chicago, America. Actually, here a person has filed a lawsuit against a total of 27 women for 75 million dollars i.e. about 623 crores and has said that those women had posted negative comments about him on the Facebook dating group. The person said that in the post he has been described as very clingy.

According to the report of the website Oddity Central, a 32-year-old man named Nico D'Ambrosio claims that his reputation was ruined when several women who claimed to date him started posting 'Are we dating the same guy'. Posted his negative experiences on a private Facebook group called. Actually, this Facebook group is very popular in America. Although it started in New York, but later it spread to other cities also. It is mainly used by women to share their experiences with men.

Women called the man 'clingy'

Nikko told that dozens of women wrote derogatory comments against him, calling him 'clingy' and also accused him of 'ghosting'. Ghosting means suddenly turning away from someone while talking to them, without giving any reason. Now Nikko was so enraged by these allegations against him that he filed a $75 million lawsuit against several women as well as the moderator of the Facebook group and parts of the parent company of the social network.

This is how the matter started

Actually, the matter started when a woman posted about Nikko on a Facebook group claiming that she had dated him and described how he 'became clingy very fast', demanding money from her. Used to show off. After this, many other women also commented on the post and shared their experiences about Nikko. One woman even claimed that he had physical relations with her and then suddenly disappeared.

The man responded to the allegations

According to reports, Nikko, while responding to the allegations against him, said that he has definitely gone on dates with some women, but he has denied any kind of relationship with them. Regarding the case against the women, he said that their allegations are so outrageous that they go beyond all possible limits of decency and should be considered atrocious and completely intolerable in a civilized community.

She also claims that she has suffered 'personal humiliation, mental anguish, emotional distress, stress, anxiety and loss of earnings' due to the sharing of her personal photos on the Facebook group and so many negative comments. Therefore he has demanded $75 million as compensation.

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