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Monday, January 15, 2024

Mosquitoes become unconscious due to All Out and Good knight, does it have any adverse effect on humans?

Mosquito repellent liquid and coils are harmful to health. Besides, money has to be spent on doctors and medicines to cure the diseases caused by them. In this way people get double hit. Therefore doctors recommend using mosquito nets.

Mosquitoes are prevalent throughout the country during summer, winter and rainy seasons. Due to mosquitoes, people suffer from deadly diseases like malaria and dengue. For this reason, the use of medicines like All Out, Good Night and Tortoise Print to drive away mosquitoes from homes has become common. Thanks to these, we get relief from mosquitoes, but have you ever wondered what effect they have on people's health?

If you have not thought about this, then you should definitely know, because mosquito repellents like Good Night, All Out and Turtle Print are also having a bad effect on your health. Their effect is not visible recently, but after a while people start seeing problems.

Mosquito coil equal to 100 cigarettes

A research has claimed that one coil of mosquito repellent is as dangerous as 100 cigarettes because it emits PM 2.5 smoke. Similarly, mosquito repellent liquids are also very dangerous for health.

Why is mosquito repellent liquid dangerous?

There are some substances in the liquid of mosquito repellent which are inhaled and cause difficulty in breathing. If the smoke coming out of this liquid enters the lungs in large quantities, it can cause problems like asthma, throat pain and headache.

Actually, mosquito killing liquid contains a mixture of allethrin and aerosol and a carbon electrode rod is inserted in the bottle, which heats up and vaporizes the liquid into the air and it enters the body through breath. Therefore, doctors advise that mosquito killer should be used minimally. Especially for small children, instead of using it, you can use mosquito net.

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