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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Man gave strange reasoning for leaving his job to walk dog and travel the world

There are many people who sometimes take such decisions to keep their hobby alive. People are very surprised to know about this. Now a man is in the news because of his decision. Who left his stable job to walk with his dog.

If friends say during work, hey! A trip has been planned here, will you go? On this, most of us say that we will have to ask the boss… especially if the trip is very long, it gets canceled due to office reasons, but it is not necessary that everyone does the same. There are many people. Those who love their hobbies more than their jobs. These people just do whatever they want without thinking because it makes them happy. A similar story has come to light from Germany these days. Where a man left his job to travel the world with his dog. For this, Yanik took only a backpack and a tent and left to fulfill his hobby.

Here we are talking about 27 year old Yannick Bolzman who left everything to travel with his dog Carl. Currently he is on a journey of 3728 miles from Norway to Italy. For this hobby, Yanik left his job as a primary school teacher. He started his journey in the year 2023 in the month of July. He is traveling from Germany to his home in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Why was this decision taken?

Regarding this unique journey of ours, he said that during this unique journey, we enjoyed forests, beaches, snowy winter wonderlands, city streets and hills in the hot sun and in this way both of us covered a journey of 13 miles daily. My purpose of doing this trip is only so that Carl and I can collect some memories together. Before doing this journey I had only three options. Should I continue my job or pursue further studies or pursue my hobby and I chose the third option.

To fulfill his hobby, Yanik saved Rs 5.50 lakh by working for a year and then started this journey. This decision of mine has given me a lot of happiness. We are currently roaming the ancient roads and footpaths of Europe and we still have 1,800 miles left to do the same through Switzerland and all of Italy.

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