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Friday, January 19, 2024

Mahua Moitra finally vacated the government bungalow

TMC leader Mahua Moitra's troubles are not decreasing. Expelled Lok Sabha MP Mahua Moitra vacated her bungalow in Delhi on Friday.

The troubles of expelled TMC leader Mahua Moitra from Lok Sabha are not decreasing. The central government sent a team to the bungalow in Delhi to vacate the bungalow of Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra. However, Mahua Moitra's lawyer said that his client had vacated the bungalow before the central team arrived. The bungalow was vacated by 10 am on Friday. A team of Directorate of Estates (DOE) reached Mahuar's bungalow on Friday morning. The contents of the bungalow were handed over to him.

According to the information received, Mahua Moitra is admitted in a private hospital in Delhi. He is in ICU. He had appealed that he should not be made to vacate the bungalow.

Mahua Moitra's lawyer Shadan Farasat said, “House number 9B, Telegraph Lane, Delhi, where Mahua Moitra was living, was completely evacuated at 10 am on Friday. The contents of the bungalow have been handed over to the DOE lawyer. The bungalow was evacuated even before DOE arrived. As a result, no 'eviction' took place.

Mahua did not vacate the bungalow even after notice

DOE issued notice to expelled Trinamool MP from Lok Sabha Mahua Moitra to vacate the bungalow. Mahua Moitra challenged the notice in Delhi High Court. This has also been rejected. On Thursday, the High Court said that Mahua Moitra has lost the right to live in the government bungalow. Because, he has been dismissed from the post of MP. After this, on Friday morning the Centre's team reached in front of Mahua's bungalow.

Even after sending the show cause notice, Mahua Moitra did not vacate the government bungalow. Last Tuesday, the Centre's DOE had asked them to vacate Patrapath Bungalow. It is written in the notice that if necessary, they can forcefully take to the road to vacate the bungalow. After Mahua's petition was rejected by the Delhi High Court, the central party reached out to oust Mahua Moitra. However, Mahua Moitra left the bungalow even before the use of force.

Mahua Moitra was dismissed from the post of MP

Mahua Moitra was dismissed from the post of Lok Sabha MP during the last winter session. She was asked to vacate the bungalow last week, but Mahua Moitra did not do so. DOE sent a notice to Mahua Moitra asking her to explain why she did not vacate the bungalow within three days.

Mahua Moitra wanted to vacate the bungalow in Delhi after the declaration of 2024 Lok Sabha election results. Mahua's lawyer told the court that if his client is allowed to stay in the bungalow for the relevant period, he is ready to pay any expenses applicable for the extended period, but the judge said that the government accommodation To stay in, application has to be made to DOE.

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