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Friday, January 26, 2024

Last Chance! These speakers are available cheap in Republic Day Sale, will set the party on fire

If you want to avoid the expense of DJ for your small parties, then this information is for you. Or you are getting mesmerizing speakers at your party. The best thing is that these speakers are available at very low prices in the Republic Day sale on e-commerce platforms.

Don't want to invite a DJ for small functions at home and want to avoid spending too much money? This speaker is for you. These speakers will bring life to your party. After buying these speakers you will not have to spend on DJ. You are getting many great features in these speakers. You can comfortably get as much audio as you need in a room.

Everycom LittleBoy

You are getting these wireless Bluetooth speakers on Amazon for only Rs 799 with 47 percent discount. In this you are getting 3 color options in which apart from black, white and gray colors are available.

Nu Republic Party Box

This soundbar is coming with X-Bass technology. These speakers offer play time of more than 10 hours. In this you get multiple RGB LED lights. Its original price is Rs 3,999 but you are getting it for only Rs 1,299 with 68 percent discount.

Candytech S-26

This Bluetooth speaker comes with a mobile holding stand. Rechargeable speakers can support both Android and iOS devices. Its original price is Rs 999 but you can buy it with 50 percent discount for only Rs 499.

iCall Wireless Speaker

You can buy this smallest speaker for only Rs 389 with 61 percent discount. You are getting this in multi color option. Its design is quite classy and round shaped.

Echo Dot (5th Gen)

This smart speaker comes with motion deduction, which means it can understand motion and follow commands. In this you are getting both Alexa and Bluetooth. You are getting this on Amazon for Rs 5,499.

Sunever A005

You are getting a 1200 mAh battery in the portable Bluetooth speaker. It can run for 4-5 hours without any interruption. In these speakers you are getting MIC, USB, SD Card slot and Bluetooth connectivity.

You can take these speakers with you anywhere while travelling. This speaker is both travel friendly and budget friendly.

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