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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Israel is preparing the script to destroy Hezbollah, after Gaza the next target is Lebanon

Now Hezbollah has become Israel's target. It has been claimed in the American intelligence report that the Israeli army has now turned towards Lebanon after destroying Gaza. Israel can attack Lebanon by the end of this month.

Israel's next target may now be Lebanon. After destroying the Gaza Strip with its destructive attacks, Israel is now planning to eliminate Hezbollah taking refuge in Lebanon. A report by the American Intelligence Department has even claimed that Israel's operation in Lebanon will begin from next week. For this, Israel's army is continuously marching from Gaza towards Lebanon, so is Lebanon also going to face the same fate as Gaza?

According to the report of the US Intelligence Department, there could be a fierce war between Israel and Hezbollah by the end of January. Israel's operation Lebanon will start from next week. Israeli army is moving from Gaza towards Lebanon. Israel has made tremendous preparations on the Northern Border to teach Hezbollah a lesson. Even Israeli troops are gathering on the South Lebanon border.

A major war may erupt in the Middle East

In such a situation, war between Israel and Lebanon is considered certain, that is, a big war can break out in the Middle East. Hezbollah has been attacking northern Israel for a long time. Hezbollah fighters are targeting Israeli positions. Hezbollah has fired several rockets towards Haifa. It is being said that for the first time, Hezbollah has fired a rocket towards Haifa city.

Israeli army bombed heavily

The Israeli army has also been retaliating sharply against Hezbollah attacks on the Lebanon border. Meanwhile, the Israeli army bombed Hezbollah's post on the Lebanon border and destroyed Hezbollah's launch center. Hezbollah had launched a drone attack on the Lebanon border, but Israel's Iron Dome shot down Hezbollah's drone.

Israeli minister's threat

Meanwhile, Israeli Minister Ben Gavir has threatened Hezbollah with war. The Israeli minister said that if a destructive war is not started against Hezbollah, problems will increase in northern Israel. On the other hand, Hezbollah has also threatened that Benjamin will have to suffer the consequences of the increasing Israeli operation against Lebanon.

It has been claimed in the reports that in view of the possibility of a fierce war in the Middle East, America has also become very active. President Joe Biden wants to avoid a direct war between Israel and Lebanon at all costs because America does not want to entangle itself on another new front after Ukraine and Gaza.

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