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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Is someone else using your Instagram account? Find out with this trick

If you also use Instagram and have more than 500 followers, then take care of the privacy of your account. To check whether someone else is running your account, follow this simple process. This trick will tell you everything.

These days many cases of account hacking are coming to light. In this, hacking of Instagram accounts is being seen a lot. In such a situation, people keep mailing Meta but in most of the cases account recovery is difficult. To prevent this from happening to you, check beforehand where your account is logged in. If your account is running on an unknown device, then remove it immediately. For this you will also have to change some settings in your account.

Check your account history

Go to your Instagram account and click on the “Settings” option. After this click on “Security” option and click on “Login Activity”. This will show you a list of all the devices and locations that are logged into your account. If you notice a device or location where you don't use Instagram, it's possible that someone else is running your account without your permission.

change password

If you have already checked that no one else is logging into your account, you can provide extra security by changing your password. By doing this, if anyone tries to hack your account, he will not be able to login without the password.

Two-factor authentication enabled

Enabling two-factor authentication is an extra security layer that can help keep your account safe. When you enable two-factor authentication, you will need to enter your username and password as well as an additional OTP that will be sent to your phone to log into your account.

strong password

You should create a strong password for your account. The way to keep the account secure is to give it a strong password. Strong password must consist of at least 12 characters. It should contain a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.

Any change in account

Check for any changes to your account, such as changes to your profile picture or bio. If you see a change that you didn't make, it's possible that someone else is controlling your account.

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