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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Include these five shawls in your winter collection, not only girls but also boys will get a stylish look.

The fashion of shawls never gets old and nowadays a lot of craze for shawls is being seen among boys also. This winter season, include some traditional shawls in your wardrobe. This will give you a royal look on every occasion.

In winter, people include many types of sweaters and jackets in their winter collection to look stylish, but the fashion of shawl never goes out of style. Shawl not only protects from cold but also gives a stylish look. Not only girls but also boys get a royal look from it. You can also include some shawls in your wardrobe.

cashmere pashmina shawl

Pashmina shawls of Kashmir are liked not only in India but all over the world. Pashmina shawl is not only very warm but also very beautiful. The embroidery done on it is very fine. Pashmina shawl sets a statement in itself and wearing it gives a royal look. The work done on this takes a lot of hard work, hence it is also quite expensive. If you also want to buy a pashmina shawl, then it is important to have proper identification.

kalamkari shawl

Be sure to include Kalamkari shawls made in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in your winter collection. The work done on this shawl is called Kalamkari. This art is very old and beautiful. This shawl will give you an elegant look on any occasion.

coral shawl

Coral shawls of Assam are also quite famous. It is a great option to include this shawl in your winter collection. Made from golden silk, the patterns on this shawl are mostly traditional geometric designs.

Kullu Shawl

Kullu shawl of Himachal Pradesh is very warm and is very much liked in North India. Geometric patterns are made in this also. In this you will find many types of colors which give a simple and elegant look.

Dhabla Shawl

Although very colorful clothes are worn in Gujarat, the shawls here are mostly available in two colors, white and black. Embroidery is done on it with yarn of different colors. This shawl is made from sheep's wool.

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