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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Include not only skin care but also oral hygiene in self care, know its benefits.

To clean your teeth, you brush every morning but you should also brush at night, this will not only keep your teeth clean but will also maintain your health. The dirt of whatever we eat throughout the day remains stuck on the teeth. This can lead to many dental problems due to the growth of bacteria inside the mouth.

Self care does not just mean applying face masks and taking skin care. Rather, in self-care, you should also take special care of your oral health. But most of the people include only skin care in self care and ignore oral health. Let us know why we should brush our teeth before sleeping at night and what are its benefits.

The connection between oral health and self-care

From giving yourself a great face massage to going for a night walk, there are other things you should do as well. Having clean and shiny teeth not only improves your smile but also increases your confidence and maintains your health.

By taking care of oral health, you can keep away tooth decay, bad breath and gum problems. To get these benefits, we are advised to brush every night before sleeping. You can also follow a proper skin care routine along with dental care in which you first do skin care, then brush, then do meditation after bathing with hot water. By following this process, you will remain stress free along with maintaining cleanliness. Sleeping after taking bath at night is considered good for health. Apart from this, if you meditate before sleeping, then you wake up with a fresh mood the next morning.

Why is it important to brush at night?

1. There is less risk of tooth decay

Whatever you eat throughout the day gets deposited on your teeth. By sleeping without brushing at night, these bacteria damage the gums along with the teeth. To keep our teeth healthy, we should brush our teeth every night before sleeping. Sleeping after brushing your teeth at night can reduce the problem of tooth decay by 50 percent.

2. There is less accumulation of dirt

Sleeping after brushing at night prevents dirt from accumulating on the teeth, which reduces the risk of bacteria growing and spreading.

3. Gums are protected from getting damaged

Gums often start deteriorating due to accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Due to this, blood starts coming out from them and the problem of bad breath also starts. To deal with these problems, you must brush your teeth before sleeping at night.

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