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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

In order to become popular on the internet, a woman did such a thing, people were forced to think

A female social media influencer adopted such a strange trick to become popular on the internet that everyone was forced to think. However, this publicity stunt of the woman has cost her heavily. Reportedly his social media account has been suspended.

Who doesn't want to be popular on the internet? But this does not at all mean that you start playing with people's emotions. In order to increase her followers, a female social media influencer used such a trick that after knowing the truth, her own fans got upset and started trolling her fiercely. Not only this, reportedly even the woman's social media account has been suspended. Let us know what this woman did.

According to South China Morning Post, 32-year-old Chen Jiaosi resorted to fake pregnancy to gain followers on social media. But this publicity stunt of Chen proved costly for him. Seeing the video he had uploaded, netizens became suspicious and started trolling him.

As part of a publicity stunt, Chen from Sichuan took part in a matchmaking event with a fake baby bump. Where she declared herself pregnant and said that she was looking for a father for her unborn child and a husband for herself. She had declared herself five months pregnant in the form. In which it was written that she is 32 years old and alone. He does not own any property or car. His story made many people emotional.

After this, Chen shared a video of herself with a fake baby bump on the Chinese social site Douyin, in which she explained in detail about her future partner. But her planning failed as netizens suspected that she was pregnant. People started trolling the chain, calling it a gimmick.

But Chen's troubles did not end here. An investigation was instituted against him. During interrogation by the officials, Chen admitted that he had done this to increase his followers. But netizens were very angry that Chen had played with their sentiments by doing so.

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