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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

If you want to drape chunni with fish cut lehenga, then definitely try the hacks mentioned here.

We often take dupatta with lehenga. But you can wear it in different ways also.

Wedding season is going on, so everyone is shopping for latest design clothes for themselves. Some people want to wear designer saree while some want to wear latest design lehenga. Nowadays, fish cut lehenga is the most trending lehenga design. It is quite stylish in appearance and you can easily wear it without dupatta. But if it is necessary for you to buy a dupatta, then you should try the hacks mentioned here so that you can wear the dupatta and the look does not get spoiled. Let us keep in mind the tips shared by makeup artist SHEENA J KAUR , so that the dupatta can be draped well.

Drape scarf in cap style

If you want to style a dupatta in a fish cut lehenga, then you can drape it in cap style. This will give a shrug like look.

For this you have to set the dupatta on the back shoulder with the help of a pin.

Now the corners given in front have to be taken out from between the hands and set.

In this way you can style cap style dupatta with fish cut lehenga.

Wear in pre drape saree style

After wearing fish cut lehenga, your body shape looks quite good ( way to make pallu ). In such a situation, instead of hiding it, you can highlight it by styling the dupatta like a pre-draped saree.

For this you have to pin it like you make pleats of pallu. 

Then it has to be tucked at the back waist.

Now instead of leaving it open, make pleats and pin it with the help of a pin so that it does not spoil your entire look.

You can drape the dupatta in this manner.

Keep these things in mind

If your dupatta is of net then pin it from the inside ( way to style the saree ) so that it is not highlighted.

Do not style too heavy dupatta with lehenga otherwise the look will get spoiled.

Do not wear dupatta in free style.

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