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Friday, January 12, 2024

If you apply too much nail polish then be careful, it affects your health.

Many harmful chemicals present in nail polish can cause serious diseases such as cancer. Using them for a long time can be dangerous. Let us know here...

All women like to make their hands look beautiful. To beautify hands, most of the people do waxing, manicure and the most common way to beautify hands is to apply nail polish. Girls often apply new colorful nail polishes on their nails. She wants to further enhance the beauty of her hands by making nail art designs. But do you know, these beautiful nail polishes sometimes contain harmful chemicals which can be dangerous for health. 


nail polish is dangerous. Using nail polish can be harmful for health. Many chemicals are found in nail polish such as formaldehyde, toluene and dipropyl phthalate. All these chemicals are quite harmful. Using them continuously and for a long time can cause problems like skin allergy, swelling and redness. Nail polish removers are also full of harmful chemicals. Their use can make the skin dry and rough. Loss of natural oiliness of the skin increases the risk of infection and bacteria. 

Respiratory problems 

Apart from this, chemicals present in nail polish can affect the respiratory system. Therefore, it is important to wear a mask while applying or removing nail polish. Triphenyl phosphate is also harmful for the lungs. It causes swelling in the lungs which causes difficulty in breathing. Diseases like asthma can also occur.

Harmful for pregnant women:

These nail polish chemicals can be even more dangerous for pregnant women, because they can reach the fetus and cause birth defects. Therefore, the use of nail polish should be minimized, natural One should choose nail polish with ingredients. 

Causes harm to the brain:

The chemicals present in nail polish like toluene, formaldehyde and diethyl phthalate go to the brain like other parts of the body. These chemicals can damage the brain cells; due to these chemicals, blood circulation in the brain is disrupted. Due to which severe headache can occur. Many people also get nausea and vomiting due to nail polish. 

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