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Friday, January 12, 2024

If someone says to call by dialing *401# then tell him the rogue number.

The Department of Telecommunications said that telecom service providers never ask their customers to dial Star 401 hashtag. If someone pretends to be a telecom operator and asks you to do this, then you should be cautious.

Every day new tricks are coming in the market for fraud. Till now, fraudsters used to call by posing as uncle, uncle, brother-in-law or distant relative and get cheated through UPI, but now they have gone a step ahead and found an easy way to divert the calls coming on your smartphone to themselves. .

The Department of Telecommunications has also alerted the users about this and said that if someone asks you to dial *401# number and any unknown mobile number, then you should be careful, because if you do so then you may get hurt. No one can save.

What will happen if you dial *401#?

If a user calls an unknown number after dialing the Star 401 hashtag, then all calls received on the user's mobile are forwarded to the phone of the unknown person making the call. The department has advised citizens to beware of incoming calls with malicious intentions asking them to dial Star 401 hashtag and then dial an unknown mobile number.

With this trick, calls received on the user's mobile enable unconditional call forwarding to unknown mobile numbers. This allows fraudsters to receive all incoming calls and can be used for fraud.

How to mislead?

Explaining the modus operandi of the scam, the DoT said a fraudster would call users and pretend to be a customer service representative or a technical support employee. After this the troublemaker says that either there is a problem with their SIM card or there is some problem related to the network or service quality. Then, the customer is asked to dial a specific code to fix the problem. The code usually starts with the star 401 hashtag and is followed by a mobile number. Once this is done, unconditional call forwarding starts on the concerned mobile number.

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