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Thursday, January 18, 2024

How much time gap is considered ideal between two children, what do doctors say?

When it comes to having a second child, many arguments are given to the couple to have a second child quickly, but experts believe that the second child should be born within a certain interval only, otherwise it has many disadvantages, let us know from the experts about the benefits of having a second child. What is the right distance to keep between them?

Nowadays, in small and nuclear families, every couple wants to have only one child, but when it comes to completing the family, two children are considered better, in such a situation, how much time gap should be kept after one child to the other? This is an important question because our society thinks that having two children in quick succession results in less financial burden and both children grow up together, but let us know what the experts' opinion is on this matter.

What should be the gap between two children?

Senior gynecologist Dr Divya Singhal says that although the answer to this question is different for every family and couple, it is important to keep some things in mind while planning a second child. The first of which is the physical capacity of the mother, in which it is seen that in how much time the mother is physically capable of having a second child, if there has been any major surgery in the first child or the mother is already physically very weak, then the mother It is important to give time to get better. If the mother is already breastfeeding a child, then there are more chances of the child becoming physically weak, hence it is important to give full time to the mother to become physically strong.

The second important thing is that when the second child is born, the first child gets a little ignored, therefore, the first child needs enough time, love and care, so injustice is not done to the first child, therefore, the second child should be planned after taking some time so that The first child should not be ignored.

The third and important thing is the financial condition of the family, it is easy to say that by having children early, one can grow up together but people forget that it costs twice as much to raise two children, so when you are completely financially stable, Plan a second child only if you are able to.

A gap of 4 to 5 years is good

The meaning of all these things may be different for every family, but a gap of 4 to 5 years between two children is best, this helps in improving the physical capacity of the mother and also gives enough time to the first child, so if If you plan to have a second child, keep these things in mind.

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