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Sunday, January 14, 2024

How do we lose heart? Who is responsible behind love, heart or mind? understand the whole game

Science Behind Love:
Love is a beautiful feeling in itself, when someone falls in love then the whole world seems new to him. After falling in love, every person definitely thinks that why did he fall in love? So let's know the reason behind this...

Science behind Love: You must have heard many people around you saying that love is the most beautiful feeling. The world is incomplete without it. When a person falls in love, the whole world seems new to him. Actually, this emotion is such that after realizing it, you forget all your troubles, sorrows and pain. We all must have fallen in love with someone in our life. It may not be love but there must have been a crush.

But after falling in love with someone, have you ever tried to think about why this happens? People form a relationship with a person by looking at his face, looks and personality. But hardly anyone knows the reason behind this. According to a study by Harvard University , love is all a mind game. Let us try to find out why we fall in love.

feeling of peace and tranquility

Dr. Rahul Rai Kakkar, Consultant Psychology and Clinical Psychology, Narayana Hospital, Gurugram says that love is such a feeling in which a person thinks and feels from the heart. In this, many emotions and different thoughts develop in the mind of a person, which gives happiness, peace and peace. This can happen under the influence of attraction or can also flourish without attraction.

Dr. Rahul Rai Kakkar says that if we look at it from a scientific point of view, when we grow up, hormones called progesterone, progesterone and estrogen are produced in our body - due to this, a process takes place in our body in which we feel love and excitement. Is.

love divided into three parts

Well-known scientist Dr. Helen Fisher has divided love into three parts – Lust, Attraction and Attachment. The first feeling of love is caused by 3 chemical reactions in the brain. Noradrenaline, dopamine and phenylethylamine. Noradrenaline stimulates the chemical adrenaline, which causes the heart to beat faster and the hands to sweat. Dopamine makes you feel good. When we are close to our crush, phenylethylamine is released, which creates love butterflies in our stomach.

hormones also cause

Love is a feeling of attachment, which can increase gradually depending on the circumstances. In this, a person forgets everything and enjoys this happiness and due to this, many types of hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin grow in his body, which make him feel happy. This is what we call love in real form. Let us tell you that it has been proved in research that love is actually a brain chemical process.

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