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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Have you also started losing hair after the birth of your child? These could be the reasons for this

According to experts, hair fall after delivery is very normal, so there is no need to worry too much about it. After delivery, hair falls due to lack of nutrients and women increase it further by taking stress, let us know about postpartum hair loss.

After the birth of a child, many types of physical and internal changes occur in the mother, due to these changes and hormonal imbalance, the problem of hair fall arises in many women. It is said that the more milk the child drinks, the more the mother's hair falls. There are many reasons for this, let us know from experts its reason and ways of prevention.

Why do hair fall after delivery?

When a woman gives birth to a child, she becomes deficient in many nutrients due to which hair fall starts. Hair loss after the birth of the child is called postpartum hair loss which lasts for 3 months from the birth of the child. Can be up to. In many women, if care is not taken, these can last for a long time. Apart from lack of nutrition, hair fall also occurs due to hormonal changes. The third reason for this is that after delivery, all the attention is shifted from oneself to the child, because after delivery, the mother's entire attention remains on taking care of the child, hence she is not able to give time to herself.

What do experts say

Senior Gynecologist Dr. Sushila Gupta says that after delivery, the problem of hair fall occurs due to deficiency of various types of nutrients in the mother, along with this, changes in hormones are also the reason for this, hence after delivery, pay special attention to your food and drink. Eat green vegetables, seasonal fruits, porridge, oats, cheese, nuts, milk and eggs so that you get adequate nutrition.

How to stop hair fall

Eat nutritious food - Hair fall occurs due to lack of nutrition, so after delivery, if we take full care of our food and drink, eat nutritious food, drink two glasses of milk daily, then our hair fall will automatically reduce.

Take care of hair- Even after delivery, massage the hair with oil thrice a week to nourish it. Also, keep the head clean, comb it daily and take care of the cleanliness of the hair.

Do not take stress - After the child, the mother gets many types of stress which causes hair fall, hence do not take stress, yes this time is a bit difficult, taking care of the child is not easy but do not take stress about it. Give yourself time to understand everything and learn everything comfortably.

Take supplements - At the time of delivery, we keep taking supplements as prescribed by the doctor, but immediately after delivery, we leave everything but you should take multivitamins even after delivery so that you get adequate nutrition.

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