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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Have you also made the same mistake while choosing your wedding lehenga?

As soon as the wedding date comes, girls start shopping, the most important thing during shopping is to choose the right lehenga. While choosing lehenga for wedding, girls often make some mistakes due to which instead of improving their look, it gets worse.

Wedding is the most special day of any girl's life. On this day, she wants to look the most beautiful, in this regard she uses the best things for her D-day. To make their look perfect, girls experiment and also spend a lot of money. But sometimes due to some mistakes their experiment becomes useless.

As soon as there is talk of marriage, the first question that comes in the mind of girls is which lehenga to buy, where to buy it, what design to buy, what color to buy. As soon as the wedding season starts, the market becomes so crowded that sometimes we find it difficult to find our favorite dress. In such a situation, girls do not understand which lehenga they should buy, in this matter many times girls hastily choose such a dress which spoils their look instead of enhancing it. If you too are going for wedding shopping then avoid these mistakes while choosing lehenga.

Do not choose tight lehenga

Many girls like to wear body fitting lehenga, which sometimes leads to skin related problems. During a wedding, you do not have to wear the lehenga for one or two hours, rather you have to wear it the whole time, hence choose such a lehenga for the wedding in which you do not feel suffocated.

Wear lehenga according to body type

Girls often ignore their body type while liking lehenga. Some girls choose such a lehenga for themselves which does not suit their body type at all. Girls need to understand which dress will fit according to their body type.

Right color choice is important

Many shades of lehenga are available in the market but it is not necessary that every shade of lehenga suits you. Therefore, you should always choose a lehenga of that shade which matches your skin tone. Apart from this, you can also choose the shade of lehenga according to the time when your wedding is to take place. Light and color play an important role in day and night weddings, hence choose the color of the lehenga according to the time.

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