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Friday, January 26, 2024

Gautam Adani is fully prepared for the transformation of Dharavi, just waiting for February

Gautam Adani has made complete preparations for the redevelopment of Dharavi in ​​Mumbai, Asia's largest slum. Now they are just waiting for February. After all, what is Adani going to do...?

Industrialist Gautam Adani has made preparations to transform Dharavi, Mumbai, Asia's largest slum. Some time ago, a company group formed under his leadership has been handed over the reins of the Dharavi Redevelopment Project. In the month of February, his company can start redevelopment of this area, which will change the lives of about 10 lakh people forever.

Actually, Gautam Adani's company will start collecting biometric data of the people of Dharavi from February. This biometric survey is needed to decide who will be given a free house after redevelopment and who will not. However, this task is going to be very difficult because for decades many governments have been trying to win the trust of the people and redevelop this area.

Dharavi area is spread over 600 acres

The slum area of ​​Dharavi is spread over about 600 acres. Earlier it used to be an area outside the city, but with time the periphery of Mumbai city changed and Dharavi came in the center of the city. Today, at one end of it there is a world class business hub like Bandra-Kurla Complex. On the other hand, old settlements like Dadar and Mahim. Therefore, Adani Group has taken up the responsibility of its redevelopment.

Only these people will get a free house in return

According to the rules of Dharavi Redevelopment Project, people who have been living in the area of ​​Dharavi since before the year 2000. Only those people will get a free house in return. The last survey of this area was done about 15 years ago and according to estimates, the number of people living here was around 7 lakhs.

This time, to collect data, the Adani Group team will go to people's homes and collect information. People will also be asked whether they live or work in Dharavi. Their ownership papers and biometric information will be collected. According to ET, after data collection, redevelopment of the area will start within a year.

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