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Friday, January 19, 2024

From bones to hair, sesame and jaggery provide these amazing benefits.

Eating sesame and jaggery in winter is considered very beneficial for health. People like to consume sesame laddus in winter. These are beneficial not only for taste but also for health.

Whatever we eat affects our health. Therefore, it is always advised to eat according to the season. If we consume diet consisting of very hot dates in summer and cold dates in winter, it can prove to be harmful for our health. Therefore, we should choose our food according to the season. Ayurveda also emphasizes on choosing food according to the season, body nature and age to stay healthy.

In such a situation, in this winter season, we should include in our diet those things which are hot in nature and by eating them, the body gets heat from inside. In this season, peanuts, gajak and laddus are seen in abundance in the markets. Sesame and jaggery are used in making all these. There are many benefits of eating sesame and jaggery in this season.

Benefits of eating sesame and jaggery in winter

warm compliments

Eating it in this season provides warmth to the body from within. Because both sesame and jaggery have hot nature. That's why people eat sesame laddus during cold weather. These are easily available in the markets and can be made at home also.

beneficial for bones

Protein, calcium, iron and magnesium are found in sesame. Magnesium and calcium are very important to maintain our bones.

strengthen the immune system

The iron, magnesium and antioxidant properties present in sesame seeds can prove beneficial for immunity. Eating sesame laddus during this winter season can help in strengthening the immunity system.

for hair

Tila oil can prove to be very helpful in hair growth. Also, it is beneficial in maintaining the natural color of hair. Therefore, oil is made by adding black sesame seeds along with many other things to mustard or coconut oil. Applying them on hair can prove beneficial.

But keep in mind that the nature of everyone's body is different. In such a situation, it may not suit many people and if eaten excessively, it can prove to be harmful for our health. If you have any health related problem, then definitely consult an expert before eating it daily.

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