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Monday, January 15, 2024

Electric kettle, press, massager… if you use these things in the train, you will get a jail ticket.

If you are traveling in a train and are thinking of plugging any electronic item into the socket in the coach to operate it, then this action can send you to jail. There is a ban on plugging unnecessary electronic items in the train by the Railways. Or it is necessary to take special permission for this

Next time you go to travel by train, it would be better to understand the rules and regulations of the railways properly. Many people carry things like electric kettle, press, mini electric fan, massage machine with them in the train for convenience, so that they can be used if needed by plugging them in the socket provided in the coach. But doing so is not only dangerous but can also send you to jail.

Operating any machine on a train at one's own discretion can be extremely dangerous. As per Indian Railways rules, these electric accessories cannot be plugged in the train compartment …

Heating machines – such as heaters, electric kettles or electric ovens.

Powerful devices – such as drills, electric razors or electric machines.

Machines that draw a lot of power – such as laptop chargers or mobile phone chargers.

Apart from this, things like electric shaver or electric brush and electric cigarette also cannot be used on the train.

Plugging such electrical items in the train can cause risk of fire, electric shock or other accidents.

Despite this, if there is an emergency situation, it is necessary to take permission from the railway staff before plugging some important electrical items in the train. These items are included in this list…

Medical tools – such as oxygen cylinders or electric wheelchairs.

Telecom devices – such as radio or mobile phone.

Normal gadgets – like torches or fans running on battery cells.

If you follow these rules in the train, you can ensure the safety of yourself and other passengers.

It is dangerous to charge anything in the train

Actually, only mobile-laptop charging is allowed in the train. For these, the 110 volt DC supply available in the train is sufficient. Whereas the point is dangerous for other machines. There may be a risk of short circuit and fire if high power items are charged. Apart from this, charging of mobile-laptop in the train at night has also been banned by the Railways.

There will be punishment for arbitrariness

Under Railway Act Section 147 (1), if you plug any electronic item other than mobile-laptop in the train compartment, then you can face a fine of up to Rs 1000 or 6 months jail or both.

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