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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Due to these mistakes, you will fall ill in winter, make corrections today itself.

Problems like fever, cough, cold are common during winter and these get cured within a few days. If this health problem persists for a long time or you fall ill again and again, then some of your bad habits may be the reason behind it.

As the temperature falls in the winter season, problems like cold, fever, stomach cramps, muscle stiffness also start occurring. Although all these are viral problems occurring in cold weather, which get cured by taking antibiotics or within two to three days or a week, but some people start falling ill these days. If something similar happens to you too, then it is possible that your immunity is weak and there may be some bad habits of yours behind it.

Due to weak immunity, the body is not able to withstand the effects of bacteria, toxins and weather and due to this, viral diseases start taking hold rapidly. Most people take it lightly, but it is important to pay attention to it. If you also fall ill more often in winter, then definitely pay attention to some things. Let us know what are those habits which can weaken your immunity in winter.

not eating fruits and vegetables

Some people start shrinking their nose and mouth even in the name of fruits and vegetables, but this habit of yours can make you sick in every season. The nutrients present in fruits and vegetables help in the formation of white cells, which strengthens your immunity. If there is a deficiency of more than one nutrient in the body, then the production of antibodies gets affected, due to which your immunity can become weak.

habit of staying awake till late night

Nowadays, most of the people have the habit of staying awake till late night and during this time, if you are continuously in contact with the screen, then it is even worse for your health, because even if you sleep while using the phone, your sleep gets disrupted. Is. Due to staying awake till late night, you do not get proper sleep and due to this the immune cells can become weak.

habit of taking stress

If you also have the habit of taking stress over small things, then you can fall ill due to this. Some research suggests that small amounts of positive stress, such as stress before a race, may be beneficial. However, if you are under too much stress then it has a negative effect and your hunger pattern can also change. Due to which your immunity is adversely affected.

dull daily routine

In winter, people mostly reduce their physical activity. If you are also one of those people who skip exercise in cold weather, then this can strengthen your immunity. Doing aerobic exercise daily improves blood circulation, which helps in protecting the body from bacteria. Therefore, one should keep doing light exercise even during winter.

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