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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Do you bottle feed your baby? If you make these mistakes, your health will be harmed.

It is advised to feed only mother's milk to children till six months, but due to some situations, sometimes the child has to be fed through a bottle. If you also bottle feed your child, then it is very important to keep some things in mind.

Mother's milk is considered the complete diet for a child from birth till six months, hence doctors also recommend that the child should be fed mother's milk. However, sometimes due to the mother not producing milk properly or due to some other problem, the child has to be fed through a bottle. If you bottle feed your child, it is very important to take some precautions during this period, otherwise it can harm the child's health.

Although one should avoid bottle feeding the child, but if for some reason the child has to be bottle fed then keep some things in mind, otherwise the child's health can be adversely affected and in many cases the condition may worsen. Can also be quite serious.

not taking care of hygiene

If you are bottle-feeding your child, then take special care of hygiene, because the immunity of small children is weak and they are at risk of infection. For this, clean the bottle thoroughly before giving milk to the child. Apart from this, clean the bottle by boiling it in water. Keep baby bottle cleaning brushes separate in a clean place. Clean hands before making milk. There are many microscopic germs which are not visible to the eyes. Therefore, you can buy a sterilizer, so that the bacteria present on the bottle can be completely cleaned.

Using the same bottle for a long time

Milk feeding bottles are mostly plastic, so it is necessary to change it after an interval, because most of the plastic bottles have BPA coating. Many times people keep using the same bottle for a long time which is not good for the health of the child. Along with this, keep changing the nipple fitted in the bottle from time to time.

It is important to choose the right nipple for the bottle.

The nipple you are using for feeding should be soft and of the right size, so that it is easy for the baby to drink milk. Along with this, keep in mind that the hole made in the nipple should not be too big, otherwise the formula will come out quickly due to which the baby may get trapped.

Keep this in mind while breastfeeding

Try to feed the baby by holding him in your lap and placing one hand under his head. Many times people give a milk bottle to the baby after lying down, this can cause excess milk to enter his throat. Many times there is a fear of milk getting into the nose, due to which the situation can become serious, hence always stay close to the baby while feeding him the bottle.

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