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Friday, January 12, 2024

Do this work immediately after washing hair, hair will dry without dryer

Most girls use hair dryer to dry their hair during winter season. But its use increases the risk of hair damage and hair fall. In such a situation, you should adopt these methods immediately after showering so that your hair dries easily and remains protected from damage.

The severity of cold is increasing in North India. In such a situation, the problem has increased for girls who have long hair. Actually, washing hair in this season is a difficult task. This becomes more difficult when you do not have a dryer to dry your hair. With the help of dryer, hair dries quickly and you are saved from cold. But what if you don't have a dryer? Let us know how you can dry your hair in winter without using a dryer.

use microfiber towels

If you want to dry your hair without using a dryer, you can use microfiber towels. This will not only dry your hair quickly but these towels also protect your hair from getting damaged. To dry the hair with a microfiber towel, wrap the hair well in it and slowly dry the hair with the towel with light hands.

Use T-shirt: You can use cotton T-shirt to dry your hair quickly. Your hair will not dry quickly with a T-shirt made of any other fabric. Instead of T-shirt, you can also use any cotton cloth. Cotton clothes absorb water better and more quickly and it does not cause any harm to the hair. Is.

use a wide tooth comb

After shampooing, instead of leaving your hair like that, comb your hair with a thick comb. This removes extra water from the hair and the hair dries quickly. Apart from this, you must apply conditioner to your hair after shampoo. Applying conditioner provides nourishment to the hair and also reduces the weight of the hair due to which the hair dries quickly.

Do this work immediately after washing hair

After bathing, most people come out of the bathroom with wet hair. By doing this the hair takes more time to dry. Instead, squeeze out the water from your hair in the bathroom itself. After this, come out and dry it better. Always choose the right brush for drying hair. Use only a coarse tooth comb on wet hair. Because wet hair is more weak, combing it at this time increases the risk of hair fall.

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