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Friday, January 12, 2024

Do not use hair dye for black hair, adopt these methods, you will be saved from many diseases.

Everyone likes dark thick hair. But for black hair, adopt natural methods instead of hair dye, hair dye can cause these dangerous diseases. Let us know here...

Black hair adds to everyone's beauty. But many people's hair starts ripening before their age or they want to try some other color on their hair. Nowadays you can give whatever color you want to your hair. But this hair dye gives rise to many dangerous diseases. Let us know here today how hair dye is harmful for our health and we will also know how the beauty of black hair can be maintained without hair dye.

How is hair dye harmful? 

Chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, p-phenylenediamine are added to hair dye. These chemicals not only change the color of hair but they can also cause allergies, itching, blemishes and serious diseases. According to research conducted at Harvard University, people who apply permanent hair dye to their hair have a much higher risk of developing various types of cancer than other people. Especially, the risk of developing bladder cancer, breast cancer and blood cancer. Lasts a lot. Not only the people who get permanent hair dye done, but also the people who do this type of hair dyeing work, i.e. hair dyers, are at risk. Ammonia, which is commonly found in hair dye, also has negative effects on the lungs and respiratory system. 

Learn how to blacken hair naturally 

Mehndi: Mehndi has been used to color hair naturally since ancient times. Mehndi not only colors the hair but also nourishes them.

Amla and Reetha: Both these natural ingredients are very good for hair. Amla makes hair dark black and Reetha cleans them.

Coffee and tea water: Coffee and tea water can also help in blackening hair naturally.

Shikakai: Use of Shikakai also provides natural color to the hair and makes them stronger.

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