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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Do not make these mistakes while getting a velvet suit stitched, the look will get spoiled.

To give a stylish look to the suit, choose the design according to your body type and latest fashion trend. By doing this your look will look stylish.

Suit Sewing Tips: Nowadays, you will easily get many options for getting and buying suits in the market, from readymade to fabric. Nowadays we like to get them customized as per our requirement. Talking about the winter season, it is very important to look stylish and protect yourself from the cold.

In winter we mostly wear suits made of velvet fabric. So, today we are going to tell you what things should be taken special care of while getting a banner suit made from velvet fabric so that your look and body shape look perfect.

What to do to give a heavy look to a velvet suit?

While making a velvet suit, you must give it some heavy work. Now because this fabric is thick and if you make any kind of design on it, it will not be visible. Apart from this, this fabric is also shiny. To give a heavy look to the velvet suit, you can make any design on it with the help of Gota-Patti lace work . For this, you can take wide designed lace or finely edged lace and get it fitted on the neckline, border of the sleeves or the hem of the suit.

How should salwar or pants be made with velvet suit?

If you are thinking of making salwar or pants with velvet suit, then choose a loose design for it. Also get straight looking pants made and try to get straight palazzo pants made instead of salwar with this kind of suit look. By doing this your look will look quite modern and stylish. You can get wide designed lace for the border of the pants.

How should the fitting of a velvet suit be maintained?

Although you should keep the fitting of the suit loose or tight as per your body shape and wish, but the velvet fabric sticking to the body does not look good. For this you will have to make the suit a little loose fitting. By doing this your look will look great. Whereas velvet fabric is thick, it sometimes becomes difficult to sew it easily. For this, do not forget to get the suit interlocked while getting it stitched.

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