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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Delhi AIIMS: Big decision of AIIMS, cash will not work in the hospital, all payments will have to be done through card.

Now patients are going to get new facilities in Delhi AIIMS. Patients will not have to make any kind of payment in cash in the hospital. AIIMS administration will soon provide smart card facility to the patients. Let us know why AIIMS has started this new facility for patients and what will be the benefit from it.

In the last few months, many new facilities have been started for patients in Delhi AIIMS. In this sequence, now all the patients undergoing treatment in AIIMS will get smart card. After receiving the card, cash will not be taken for payment in any department in AIIMS. In this regard, an order has also been issued by AIIMS Director Dr. M Srinivas. This system will be implemented in AIIMS from March 31. After its implementation, no patient will have to deposit cash for examination, admission or any kind of surgery. All types of payments will be done through card only.

Patients will also get the facility to recharge this smart card in AIIMS only. Top up centers will be opened at different places in AIIMS itself. Here people can buy smart card by cash or online payment and will also be able to recharge it. Smart card can also be used for breakfast or meal at other places including cafeteria. To avail any facility available to the patients present in the AIIMS campus, payment will have to be made through this card only.

State Bank of India cooperated

AIIMS administration in collaboration with State Bank of India will start smart card facility for patients and their attendants. It will also be linked to the billing facility of e-hospital. With which patients will also be able to pay their bills with the help of the card. For this, the problem of standing in long queues will also be removed.

Cash payment will not be taken

In the order issued by the AIIMS Director, it has been said that after the commencement of this facility, no cash payment will be accepted. The smart card will work 24 hours within all OPDs, hospitals and centers of AIIMS. With the introduction of smart card facility, patients will benefit in many ways.

No one will be able to tamper with the bill

The Director of AIIMS has written in his order that it has come to light in many news reports that an outsourced company working in a hospital tampered with the discharge bill of the patient and charged more money. In such a situation, the smart card facility will be implemented in the entire AIIMS. Earlier, the Director had ordered on 17 November 2022 that the facility will start from 1 April 2023 but now it will be implemented in the entire AIIMS from 31 March 2024. Due to this there will be no tampering in the bill.

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