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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Deficiency of this vitamin can cause Alzheimer's disease, know how to prevent it

Vitamins are very important to stay healthy. One such vitamin is Vitamin D, whose deficiency can cause many problems in the body. One such disease is related to the brain which can be caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important in Alzheimer's disease. There is a role, let us know how.

We need many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to stay healthy and for our body to function smoothly. If the body does not get these nutrients at the right time, then their deficiency in the body can cause many diseases. One such disease is the weakening of memory with increasing age, which in medical language is called Alzheimer's disease and it mostly occurs with increasing age i.e. after 50 years, in most of the cases this disease is seen more in men than in women. .

Deficiency of this vitamin also causes Alzheimer's

Many factors are responsible for the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease, such as family history, occurrence of any unpleasant incident, any kind of mental grief, but there is one vitamin, the deficiency of which increases the chances of occurrence of this disease and that vitamin is Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is very important

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for our body, it is very important for keeping our body healthy, making our bones strong, for the health of our teeth and also for mental health. Due to its deficiency, we may face many problems like emptiness in the bones. In what is called the problem of osteoporosis, the bones of our body become so hollow that there is a fear of them breaking even with a slight shock. Apart from this, many researches have revealed that deficiency of Vitamin D also increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Vitamin D is very important for the body

But our body does not produce Vitamin D on its own, we get Vitamin D mostly from the sun's rays, but in a country like India where there are sufficient sun rays, 70-80 percent people are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.

How to fulfill this deficiency?

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for our body. To compensate for its deficiency, we should sit in the sun daily and also take a diet rich in Vitamin D. For this, we should consume milk, curd, eggs, soybean, beans, tofu. can do. Apart from this, its deficiency can also be compensated by taking supplements containing Vitamin D.

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